• Boat Gauge Replacement Guide

    Replacing broken or outdated gauges on a boat is a fairly easy task that many boat owners can do at home, saving the expense hiring a shop to do the work. After you watch this video you might want to browse the boat gauges we stock including speedometers, tachometers, temperature gauges and lots more.

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      deschene -
      I have the Honda digital gauges on my 2005 proline which the screens are not visible. I cannot find exact replacements so I need to know what are my options
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    Re: 1972 50 hp still in crate one year ago

    Here's what happens to new "synthetic rubber" impellers when they sit awhile...nice, eh?

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    Re: Amsoil 100:1

    Oil and lubrication often lead to 10 folks giving 15 opinions.------I have a number of those 9.9 / 15 HP models for rebuild , parts , pieces.-----If I

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    Re: BF 200 Power loss


    When running the boat, and it bogs down, have you tried rapidly pumping the primer bulb to see if it clears up? If not, try that. If

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    Amsoil 100:1

    I have a 1997 Evinrude 9.9hp 2 stroke, can i safely run Amsoil 100:1, In my older Mercs ( 9.9 thru 225 hp) i used it at about 85:1


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    Re: BF 200 Power loss

    After I got the boat back and found the cause of no gauges I saw it was very low on gas. Hoped the little fuel was moving away from pick up when trying

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