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    Re: Maybe over thinking

    Initial install the two ports where facing the flywheel yes

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    Re: Trim Fluid Changes

    If it really bothers you, the bottom comes off the pump and you can replace the filter screens and slosh out the black gunk in there.
    You don't

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    Re: Loss of power after 3000-4000 RPM's

    When you are running out of gas under load it suggests a fuel delivery issue. I would suggest that there is an issue with the plumbing from tank to cylinders

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    Re: Maybe over thinking

    State the facts.----Were those 2 ports facing the flywheel when you installed them in your rebuild initially.----Were they installed wrong , yes or no

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    Re: Maybe over thinking

    Hi so all pistons now have the 2 ports facing the fly wheel or top of block. Does that sound correct to you as picture 24 shows them facing the top or

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