• Outboard Motor Water Pump Impeller Replacement Guide

    Take a look at this helpful video produced by Sierra Marine showing the basics of how to change a water pump impeller on an outboard motor. If you need a replacement impeller or water pump kit for your outboard please see the Engine Parts link above.

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    1. joe joe's Avatar
      joe joe -
      Is a 1990 70 hp johnson water pump done the same way
    1. L.B. Burghardt's Avatar
      L.B. Burghardt -
      I have a 1972 evinrude 9.5. Got the lower unit off and replaced the water pump but now when I put it back together my I lose forward gear. If I don't tighten down the lower unit the gears work.
    1. racerone's Avatar
      racerone -
      Did you take one bolt out of the coupler when you took it apart ???------------When you put it back together did you line up the notch in the shift rod with the hole in the coupler before you put the bolt in ??
    1. Druddigon's Avatar
      Druddigon -
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