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    1. flyman4543's Avatar
      flyman4543 -
      OMC sterndrives and some large outboard motors were built in the 1970's electric shift. These shifts are very simple and were mad with a 12 volt shift swithch made by Teleflex. If you are haveing a shifting problem, it is probably related to the shift switch. Teleflex no longer supports this switch. There are several versions of the shift switch but they are not inter-changable.

      Go to OMC-switch.com for a discussion of shifting problems and solutions.
    1. david dickenson's Avatar
      david dickenson -
      before the harness was cut motor run good and shift good . need help wiring the replacement shifter which is a rc 881170a15 up to a 474 4990 i think is # on the wiring harness . its a 85hp mercury
    1. Tony Dearwent's Avatar
      Tony Dearwent -
      what direction does the impeller spin on the drive shaft .. 55 hp johnson i am installing a new impeller !
    1. ciscokid's Avatar
      ciscokid -
      look at old prop and look at the pitch on it,and you can tell which way it turns.Or put motor in a tank or take it to boat ramp,Start it and have someone put it in gear and see wich way it turns.
    1. Lotta Top's Avatar
      Lotta Top -
      if it has a notch in the flywheel you can tell
    1. Lotta Top's Avatar
      Lotta Top -
      look at the notch in the flywheel and you can tell
    1. Borden Christine Garrison's Avatar
      Borden Christine Garrison -
      hi I have a 4.0 HP Mercury i am having trouble getting the water to come out to cool the motor i have changed the impeller had the bottom end off so many times i can do with my eyes closed. All its doing is throwing hot air out where the water pumps out of it seems like there something wrong in the top end if someone has an idea on what it would be please E-Mail me its an older 80s outboardit works great but it will run for about 3 mins the it boggs out because its to hotand i cant touch the lower end with my hands above the water. Hopefully this will post its pass time for my daughters this summer i am unimployed at the moment to get another one
      E-Mail addy is [email protected] Thanks
    1. rui's Avatar
      rui -
      "My AQ131C has a blown cylinder head. My boat mechanic is having terrible time locating a replacement. Any leads to a good used cylinder head will be greatly appreciated. Also, any automotive cylinder heads that will work would be wonderful."
    1. Dennis Batchelet's Avatar
      Dennis Batchelet -
      I have a 1955 Evinrude Fisherman, 5.5 HP motor that I'm trying to rehab. My question is, when I get it running, is it okay to use the new 30, 50, or 100 oil sold at dealers for newer engines (mixed 50 to 1 in high-test gas) or must I use SAE 30 oil (mixed 1/2 pt. to the gallon - 8 oz). Also, if I need to use the SAE 30 oil, should it be detergent or non-detergent?
    1. Franky Boy's Avatar
      Franky Boy -
      I have a BF 150 Honda...I changed the oil and now I have an alarm going off? I was reading a few threads and it indicates it could be probably be oil pressure...I have no idea!!! Any thoughts?
    1. Dee Dee DeRoche's Avatar
      Dee Dee DeRoche -
      I have a 1967 Sea King 15 foot boat and a 55 hp Sea King M. Wards motor. The upper clyinder is fouling the spark plug when running at slow speed. Could it be the condenser or plug heat range? I am running a champion L 82 C spark plug. Lower clyinder spark plug looks fine. DD
    1. bwhite's Avatar
      bwhite -
      i have a md6b also and i really need some help. it takes 5 minutes of cranking before the engine will run on its own. i changed all the filters, blead the lines, lots of fuel coming out of the injector lines when i bleed the top nuts. the engine had not run for 1 year and the fuel smelled like varnish. i didn't have this starting problem untill i took off the injector lines and cleaned them out. the fuel filter had like varnish tar in it, but the engine started right up fast when i first started it. i drained the fuel tank and flushed it with 10 gallons of new fuel in 2 gallon flushes. i changed the fuel filter and cleaned out the lines and now it takes 5 minutes of cranking to get it running on its own. .. now it takes 5 minutes of continual cranking then it catches and runs on its own and it runs really good. when i turn it off, within an hour it will start right up fast, but if i wait 2 hours, i have to crank it for 5 continual minutes and then it starts. today i put an electric fuel pump on and i still had to crank it for 5 minutes to get it to start. does anyone have some ideas on what i should do next? i looked for glow plugs, but the md6b doesn't have them. what tests should i do now?
    1. treyg's Avatar
      treyg -
      i really need some advice i have been fighting with this 25hp jonson motor for about a year now,i rebiult carb,new prop new thermastat,and it still is giving me problems it will only get up on plance with the motor cover off fpr just a little bit then when you give it full throttle i studders and barly even moves and it wont start right up u have to choke it everytime then throw it straight into gear before letting it stay idle if anyone could help me i would really preciate it.
    1. mkr4162's Avatar
      mkr4162 -
      I have a 1965 John 33 I purchased about six weeks ago to put on on a 14' runabout I'm restoring. The motor appears in very well taken care of condition and will crank. I only cranked it once for about two seconds to verify that it would function. It hadn't been used in about four to five years, only in fresh water, and had been properly stored. I really want to take care of this motor and see it run a long, long time. What items should I have done at this point for good maintenance and longevity of the motor? Should the carb be cleaned or replaced?
      Many thanks,
      Mike in central Florida
    1. dsh189's Avatar
      dsh189 -
      I have 15 hp chrsyler sea king vwb52119 .It idles good , likes to cut out when you give it medium throttle.Go full throttle and it will clean itself out slowly and then runs good at full throttle.Ordered a new fuel pump kit and carb kit .Is their anything else to look at besides this.I did check the points gap also and cleaned the flywheel mags.
    1. JustBoats1974's Avatar
      JustBoats1974 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Tony Dearwent View Post
      what direction does the impeller spin on the drive shaft .. 55 hp johnson i am installing a new impeller !
      fins spin clock wise.
    1. deholley1's Avatar
      deholley1 -
      I have just reg here and need help I have a 1938 wico outboard 2 1/2 hp I beleive the serial # is 235956 with a note addindum # of P2477 This motor was made in Springfield Mass I need points and a condensor. My mechanic gave me a spec # of FW1404. I need some help or some more info
      Thanks deholley1
    1. mr budlight's Avatar
      mr budlight -
      I have a 1999 pro sport with a 115 Johnson outboard I can run a mile or two at high speed then the boat will slow down to idle speed it won't shut off it will just idle then after a good half hour it will speed up again for another mile or two can someone please let me know what the problem could be ??
    1. dahamlyn's Avatar
      dahamlyn -
      I have a 26FT. bayliner with a 265 volvo V8 and a 270 outdrive, first time in the water she ran great and we came around this bend in the river and hit something and now the boat won't move. I can turn the outdrive by hand and it sounds like something is rubbing, but when I start it and put it in gear it don't turn is there a shear pin or what hope someone can help thanks
    1. DGM6705's Avatar
      DGM6705 -
      i have a 120evinrude v4 want to rebuild head how do you get the head off the lower unit