View Full Version : Starter problems on a 454

09-05-2000, 11:27 PM
" I have been fighting a intermittane problem with starting my boat. It will start great at the dock and will run great. But every now and then, the starter will not turn the engine. The battery is fully charged and I have replaced the A B switch. the battery cables have been replaced also. I had a new starter solnoid put on 4 months ago. I want to know if the starter can cause this problem. Some times it works and some times it acts like a low voltage battery. "

09-12-2000, 05:59 PM
next time you have the problem hit the body of the starter (no to hard as to crack it!) if it starts it means you have a dead spot.replace with a new one good luck

Fred Abbe
10-11-2000, 09:54 PM
l've had the same problem with my 454. It turned out the ground cable was bolted to the motor with a bolt which seemed tight but had bottomed out in its hole and was not tight against the cable. The engine would start up when cold but wouldn't when warm.Hope this helps

john smietana
10-18-2000, 10:19 PM
" Sounds like a heat problem.Common on 454's,if
the above suggestion's don't wk.try a sheet metal
shield between starter and exhaust manifold.Worked
on a motor home.Larger bat. cables also a plus. "