View Full Version : 97 150 Yamaha carb to EFI conversion can it be done

Pat Randall
03-24-2004, 09:33 PM
" Salt water II, 2 stroke carb engin, since I don't use it each weekend the fuel in the carbs evaporates and by the end of the season the carbs need rebuilding. this is getting to costly. can the engin be converted to EFI, if so any ideas, or is it better to replace the engin?? any advice is welcome "

03-26-2004, 11:29 AM
" Pat,

Try running some fuel conditioner through the carbs before shutting down, and then remove the fuel supply and let the engine use up the fuel in the carbs. Then you can pump a little Marvel Mystery Oil into the carbs. This should prevent the carbs from becoming fouled.

Converting to EFI is probably not possible, but even if you could do it, it would be very costly. You would be far better off selling your engine and buying another. You would probably save money .

Tony "