View Full Version : Posting Problems

02-14-2004, 05:23 PM
"We have been having some problems on this discussion board for a while now where a error message often appears after a user posts a message. The error message says "Internal Server Error..." . The post still goes through and is posted to the board properly, but often the user doesn't realize it.

Also if you try to post a graphic or picture it is not posted if the error message occurs.

I believe the problem is caused by our web servers limiting the available memory for script functions such as these. I am trying to get it resolved.

Part of the memory demand is the email notification feature and the related lookup functions, so I have temporarily turned off the email notification feature. The posting seems to work much better with it off, but it means that you will not receive email notification of new posts even if you have it selected in your profile. I will switch the email notification feature back on as soon as the problem is resolved.

This problem is not effecting the classifieds or any other part of the website.