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09-01-2007, 04:45 PM
"I bought a boat this spring...It's in the water now, am slowly ironing out problems...I still don't know the actual model of her, or the actual year...I have some pics on my camera, but installed Vista Premium, apparently my cam software, scanner, yadda yadda don't work quite as well as on XP...

It's 27' twin 283's, I've found x27 12 13 (think I'm missing 2 digits there) under floorboards...Was told it's a Connie, but who knows...Until I can up a pic or provide a link to it, where is a guaranteed place to look in a 1959'ish Chris Craft for it's info? Port side helm if that helps..

I'll have to install the camera software on my daughters XP machine, but that won't happen today ;)

P.S. Pink Head sinks ROCK!"

Steve Rohleder
08-31-2008, 11:05 PM
Hi Paul; Look at the wood frames of your engine hatches or the smaller storage hatch; the numbers are usually stamped into the wood. Another good place to look is in the anchor line locker with a good flashlight. Very few people know ALL the places the numbers were except an old CC factory head. Model info is a lost cause unless the info from the original buyer's title has been carried through...in the good old days folks were pretty casual about that. Steve