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07-20-2007, 03:11 PM
"I own a 1963 42' Chris Craft Conqueror, hull #2 of 20 with a pair of 431's. http://www.linuxsystems.net/myboat ("")

Maybe someone can help me out with an issue I had last night. I took the boat out to go empty the holding tank, everything seemed fine, but the
starboard engine started running rough while in forward gear, and while in neutral the shaft would still spin and still run rough, switching to forward or reverse the engine would have a hard time keeping idle and sometimes die out, you could also here a knock sound (not from the engine) every so often (not regular) I think the sound is from the tranny on the starboard side. And I had to dock running only one engine (that was hard, if you saw my slip you would understand)

This is my first big boat, and I'm more electrically inclined than mechanically incline and I don't know much about Marine hydraulic
tranny's. I'm having a hard time getting a hold of my mechanic (vacation) and I was wondering what you guys would recommend that I can check to track down the problem or what to look for? or if you guys have any insight to this issue?

Thanks for your time,


PS feel free to email me eric at linuxsystems dot net, was hoping to take the boat out this weekend. .Don't think that's going to happen now."

07-23-2007, 10:09 AM
"Hello Eric,

I emailed you but got no response. Hope the motor is working for you now. Great looking boat, by the way. The Lincolns were thought to be the finest running motors of their time, at one point Lincoln test ran each engine for ten hours (yes, ten hours) prior to release in their luxury cars. These engines were replaced with the less expensive but good performing 427 in 1966.

I interviewed a guy who worked in the CC engine plant, and he said the Lincolns provided as good a service for Chris Craft as any other engine they ever had.

Regard, Paul"

07-23-2007, 12:28 PM
"Thanks Paul,

It turns out that my paragon was not the issue, I replaced the cap, points etc, engine ran better but still rough. So I eliminated electrical issues.

Any way make a long story short I think my issue is my carb, I'm going to rebuild it today and throw it back on and let ya know how it goes.

And thank you she is a great classic wood boat with a soul, and have only owned her for about little less than a month. She is a live-a-board, and have lots of plans and updating to do.

My plan is to get her re-powered by a diesel electric set up, I should be able to get this done with in 3 years. But for now I want concentrate on the exterior then interior, and finally re-power, re-do the electrica AC/DC

I'll check my spam filters just in case it filtered your email.

Thanks for your help and time,