View Full Version : 1977Renault RC210DTS Throttlestop shaft indexing

Mike Shatus
11-16-2003, 09:51 PM
" While lubricating and freeing up gummed up components of the Bosch fuel injector pump for one of my 1977 Renault RC210DTS engines, I removed the linkage arms from the throttle shaft and have lost the correct indexing of the lever to the shaft. There is a star/spline on the shaft rather than a precise location to install the throttle arm. Since I cannot see the internal components, and the shaft rotates 360 degrees with no detents, does anyone have a suggestion for installing the arm on the shaft so I don't install it thinking it is at idle and is actually full throttle? Numbers on the Bosch pump are 42902453 VA6/11H1450CR16971 Basis 0 460 316 020
Also does anyone know where I could obtain a repair manual for these pumps? "