View Full Version : Proper engine running temp350 chevy

Peter Mendelsohn
06-27-2007, 06:13 AM
"Have just finished tuning up an older 350 chevy with a pleasurecraft marine conversion. (87 American skier) Changed to electronic ignition,new carb,plugs, wires, impeller, timing etc....engine runs great, timing dialed in. The only issue is a tiny bit of oil seeping from the top center of both valve covers....and I do mean only a slight amount. Im sure gaskets could be replaced however I didnt want to remove exhaust manifolds etc. until this winter when I restore interior of boat, as the inside valve cover bolts cannot be accessed with them on. After running boat at speed for a while there is obviously a small amount of smoking from the oil seeping onto top of intake. Engine does not run hot at all....should top of intake still get hot enough to make the oil smoke....or should it be cooler. Ichecked thermostate in hot water and it opens at about 165 degrees. Other than this issue engine runs great at all speeds with no problems. Thanks...Peter"

06-27-2007, 09:22 AM
"Chev intake manifolds utilize a cross over exaust chanel in the manifold. very often you will notice the choke`s bymetal dodad mounted in the manifolds valley on this crossover, So yes it is normal for the manifold to get hot enough to burn oil that has leaked out of the valve covers"