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09-10-2003, 08:57 PM
I just picked up a 1988 25' Invader with a 5.7 OMC. On my first trip out on the lake it began running really rough after about 2 hours. It seemed to be really weak on power and idled as if it wasn't running on all cylinders. Upon opening up the engine bay door I found the rubber exhaust tube was leaking and spraying water all over the engine conmpartment and ignition system. Thus my rough running engine. after getting her back to the marina and taking the exhaust apart it seems as if the exhaust manifold got hot enough to melt the rubber exhaust tube. I saw it spraying water so it must be getting some flow. Anything anyone can suggest would be appreciate. Second question is this. Where is the Temp sending unit on a 5.7 OMC. I never noticed the thing overheat while I was out. I checked the gauge by grounding it out and the needle moves. How do I check the sending unit? Where is the sending unit? In the manifold ?

Sorry for the long story


09-11-2003, 04:59 AM
" Not sure how to find the sender unit on your engine; however, when you do, a good accuracy test would be to pull it out, boil water(with a small propane stove) and stick the sensor in there to see if it registers accurate with a cooking thermometer. "

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