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07-14-2003, 07:01 AM
" I have an 8hp Yamaha 2-stroke outboard which was purchased new in 1973 so it could have been manufactured in 72/73. Recently water stopped coming out of the tell tale whilst running the engine and from reading up on this I suspect it's the impeller as this would not have been changed for at least 3/4 years. Would someone please be able to supply me with details and diagrams of where the impeller is located, how to remove it and how to install a new impeller and if there are any other gaskets/seals that would need to be replaced when installing a new impeller. Also if the cease of water flow is due to a blockage, please advise where to dismantle to check for this, including diagrams. I have searced in vain for a repair manual for this engine but sometimes it's best to get advice from someone who has had hands on experience. If you have too much info. to post let me know and i'll go off-line. "

07-14-2003, 09:58 AM

You can go to the Yamaha website and view a parts manual for your engine. You will need the full model number and possibly a serial number.

In order to remove the water pump you have to remove the lower unit first. The pump sits on the top of the lower unit. This is a fairly simple job. You should be able to buy a complete water pump kit without any difficulty. It is probably better to use Yamaha parts rather that after market parts for this job.

You should purchase an engine manual if you plan to work on the engine yourself. You can probably find one on the home page right here if you want.


07-14-2003, 10:29 AM
" Thanks for this Tonyob. Could you please supply me with the link to the Yamaha website that has the on-line parts manual?
I had opened 4 bolts just above the water plate as this is the lowest section break in the lower unit. Nothing budged but I could start to separate this section by hitting it with a wooden mallet quite forcefully. I stopped because I was not sure if this section should be so difficult to remove. Should it be this tight, is there anything else is should be doing before removing this section?
thanks again, ent "

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09-12-2006, 07:24 PM
"Hello Ent I just bought a p165 which seems to be an older Yamaha 8hp outboard. Did you have any luck finding parts? I need an impeller. BTW there is a linkage accessed from the side that must be disconnected before the unit will separate. Is your motor a p165? if it is, do you have any other numbers or letters? Mine just says #s24165 on the plate but that does not show up on parts lists"