View Full Version : 98 Yamaha 5HP 2 Stroke Too Much Fuel in Mixture at Top End

07-13-2003, 09:54 AM
" I bought a used 5HP and went to rebuild the carb but it was a mess so I picked up a used carb and rebuilt it and the fuel pump. It runs great at low speed but chokes on the excess fuel when I turn up the trottle. With the silencer off you can see a ton of fuel coming out the nozzle. If I cover the top of the main nozzle with a screw driver to cut down the flow the engine revs right up.

I have replaced the nozzle and adjusted the float in both directions many times but I still get all that fuel. Before I loose my mind and crimp the nozzle with visegrips to cut the flow do you have any suggestions? There is no high speed mixture adjustment on the engine. Yamaha has no stock on a whole new carb.

Jim "

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