View Full Version : Overheating Yamaha 75

06-16-2003, 08:19 AM
" My yam AET75 (2 stroke, 3 cylinder, 3 carb, 3 coil) - I think is around 1988?
Ran perfect last year but it's first run this year the water turned to a trickle, then none from the telltale, but water was leaking from the front of the motor (top of the leg) where the motor pivots on the bracket.
It overheated and I thought it would be the impeller but after removing the lower unit the impeller still squeaks when you turn the shaft and feels like it still works.

I notice that the place where the water was appearing there is a rubber part that was a bit wobbly when prodded as if it is maybe a gasket or seal (about say 4-5mm thick) that has broken/shrunk etc?
This has never had a problem before so why would it suddenly be ruined?
Any advice would be much appreciated, especially on what is required to replace this part (removal of powerhead?!) or what the part is called & is for.

Thanks very much! "