View Full Version : Rust in throttle body

Jon Houchin
01-24-2007, 10:18 PM
"I recently purchaced a 1994 hydrodyne grand sport with a PCM 5.8L EFI. The boat sat covered and unused for 3+ years and there is a good amount of rust on the throttle body butterflies and a little in the manifold (looking through the throttle body). The boat starts and runs well on the hose. My question, run some carb/EFI cleaner through it or pull the throttle body and rebuild it?"

Capt William Myers
01-29-2007, 06:03 PM
I would pull it off and with a soft brass brush clean it up. They used steel screws on stainless steel most likely. Now the screws are rusty. Don't sweat the rust in the manifold what falls off will just blow through.