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01-18-2007, 05:10 PM
"In a boat I'm rebuilding,30' MacKenzie Cuttyhunk Bassboat, Semi Displacement I have a pair of Palmers 392 cu. 265 hp., B/W 1.51-1 trans. They have been rebuilt. I want to know how much fuel per hour they will burn? I have the Palmer book I bought from MarineEngine.com. I cannot tell for sure from the graph. I beleive at 3200rpm X .52 #'s fuel/220 BPH for about 7 GPH each. I realize there are varibles. Any Palmer people here? If not any engines that compare in cu. for fuel burn per hour? THANX"

03-31-2008, 09:14 PM
nice motors they develop a lot of torque at lo rpm. cyl. heads will crack by exhaust valves if you run them hard and over heat them. my fuel burn was 6gal hr per eng on 1962 35ft pacemaker 2.1 reduction gear 18-18 4 blade cupd wheels cruising speed 15 knots at 3200 rpm. I ran that boat for 31 years before selling it in 1999. I bought a new 30 ft fiberglass (floating coconut ) I hate it.