View Full Version : Chris Craft Catalina Thermostat and molded hoses

04-09-2003, 09:53 PM
" Okay guys, Reposting this, hopeing someone will have the answer. What is the proper location for the thermostat on a 1977 Chris Craft Catalina with a 305K straight inboard motor (raw water cooled). The Marinepower manual appears to show it in the normal small block Chevy postion in the intake manifold. When I removed the thermostat housing to change the thermostat, I found that the previous owner had placed it in the top chamber under the upper-most cover that has 4 bolts and two outlets with hoses running to the risers. (note:the thermostat housing is the original equipment CC one. Not a Mercruiser, but the manifolds are new "log style" with end risers)Lastly, Anyone know a source for molded CC water hoses? Thanks again for your help "