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Richard Jones
02-20-2003, 06:29 PM
I have a 1987 1017 Velvet Drive. Apparently water has got into the fluid. The cooling lines connected to transmission are they suppose to be raw water filled or oil filled? I pulled the "to cooler line" and there is the same pink solution that is in my transmission. And would this cause an oil slick behind my boat. I am assuming that my fluid is leaking into the raw water system and going out the exhaust. Any help would be appreciated.

02-20-2003, 08:54 PM
" The most likely way water got into your fluid, other than a sinking is thru a failed trans fluid cooler. As you know these are just a coil in a coil and sounds like the raw water has broken thru to the fluid side.This would indeed cause the slick you reported. Replace cooler, flush tranny until all traces of water, foamy oil, etc go away, replace filter if so equipped and go yachting. Kim. Good luck and post ?s if you get hung up. "

Richard Jones
02-20-2003, 09:13 PM
Thanks for responding Kim!!! But can u tell me more?
There are two lines (one high / one low) coming off the trans running up under the motor to God knows what. It is very tight. I believe I see some type of cylinder that the hose or hoses run into. Would this be the cooler or filter? I am under the impression
that theses are water lines that cool the transmission thru cooling jackets inside of the transmission. I wonder where I could find a diagram of how it all works. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

02-21-2003, 05:03 PM
" Most B/W gears are cooled by passing the internal fluid (oil, ATF, or whatever) thru a cooler. The cooler would be the cylinder you are observing. This in turn should have two or more water hoses on it that are tied in to the raw water side (in your case) of the boat cooling system. Inside this cooler the barrier between the water and oil sides has broken, letting H2o into your drive oil and vica versa. If you can remove the cooler, you will see what I mean. Take the cooler to your favorite marine supply store, and they should be able to fix you up with a similiar item. The replacement may not be an exact fit, but as long as the inlet and outlet water hose are the same, and your hydraulic hoses from the drive will fit you are good to go. There is no in and out direction on most hydraulic lines so you dont have to worry about that, but mark the water hoses as they usually are direction sensitive. As far as a diagram, try different web pages for B/W drives???? As far as working room being tight on a boat, welcome to the real world. There is a lot of crap in a boat and jamming it all in to a space with in the confines of an engine compartment is fun.Kim. "

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