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Brad A. Fortney
04-26-2001, 11:12 AM
"I'm searching for a higher pitch prop. My current status is:

A Mercruiser Prop: 48832832A4521P x 14 1/4" - (aluminum)

Is there a 23P, 25P, 28P in the same dimensional range? Specifically, I'm looking for more top end speed. What are the ordering part numbers for options, advantages and disadvantages of moving up in a higher pitch?

Please advise. Thanks for your help.

Brad A. Fortney

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05-08-2001, 09:23 PM
"Brad, yes there are pitches in that range. Going up in pitch reduces your RPM's on top end, and also reduces your holeshot. The proper prop is determined by your RPM'S at WOT (wide open throttle). A rule of thunb is for every 1" in pitch you go up, you loose around 150RPM's, same in other direction. If for say, you are now turning 5400 RPM's with your 21 pitch prop, you install a 23 pitch prop, your RPM's would go down to approx 5100RPM's. If you are running an aluminum prop now, your best bet for performance would be to buy a stainless steel prop, which are offered in a wide variety of pitches and number of blades too.