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Jeano Hebert
10-01-2002, 08:25 PM
" I decided to freshen up my 302 v8 Pleasure Craft motor in my Shamrock. I bought the boat used a few years ago and the hour meter showed 800 hours on an 86 year model.
It ran fine but I always had a little doubt of the engine time plus sometimes we fish 60 miles offshore and there is no coast guard or sea tow here in Costa Rica.
When I finished Sail fishing this year I wanted to do some cosmetic work to the motor: de-rust, paint, and replace the intake & valve covers with used Ford aluminum covers and intake. When the motor was out I decided to open it up to see how it looked. Lo and behold it was really low time & by then I had put on atleast 350 more hours. I decided instead of just buttoning it back up, to re-ring and put new rods an mains, an replace the original ford timing set (plastic cam gear).
From the time I started it up it seemed the timing was late (open exhaust through the marine ex. manifolds) and only at the most advanced timing on the distributor 45 degrees, do I get 15 inches of vacuum. When you try to start the engine, it is so advanced that it will buck against the starter, So that is too much advance. Took the restrictor out of the vacuum gauge to see if it was pulsing, no change. The engine runs and idles nice, with only a little pop through the carb if you crack the carb hard. I have taken the timing cover to recheck the timing marks as I had timed it late in the evening. I reviewed it the morning and even running it through to see if the marks were stamped correct and at tdc the valves were in overlap. In reviewing this I think the outer ring of the crank dampner may have slipped 7 or 8 degrees but that will only affect the timing with a timing light. (had a bad experience 20 years ago with a Morgan that had the gear stamped wrong) Using your had to chock the carb, using light weight oil, and carb cleaner around the matting surfaces of the intake or carb no change. Can it be the intake manifold? It is a ford with a provision for a E G R. I used the gasket and cut a plate of aluminum to block it off. I have burned 4 gallons of gas in it since I started it and the compression is all 140-- to 150 I have an older gauge with no threads so it is hard to be real accurate.

Jeano Down in Costa Rica Central America.... "

10-05-2002, 09:22 AM
"Jeano, it sounds like your cam timing may be retarded several degrees. It could be that your new timing set is off by a tooth or two. If you can, check it with a degree wheel and a gauge on a lifter. If it checks out okay, then your damper's timing marks may be off. You can verify the damper's marks with the #1 piston at TDC, as set with a piston stop and degree wheel. Good luck!


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gilles L
03-13-2006, 10:11 AM
i have a 92 ford flare side i was driving.and for some od reasone it started to act up out of the blue
i noticed that every time i went to shift gears. the rpm gage would go up like crazy so i pulled over and shut the engine off as soon as i did that whight smoke came out from the hood.i opened her up and found that on the left side of the engine there was
a little oil spatter i think the probleme is my valve cover gasket is this right?