View Full Version : Extending trailer tongue length so tow vehicle tires are above water line ?

08-28-2021, 02:23 PM
I recently bought a new 24 foot pontoon trailer ("bunk" type) and I like it much better than my old one ("crank up") .. But the design (bunk height) does put my pontoons quite a bit higher up, which requires the trailer to back further into the water before the boat is afloat.. I would prefer to keep my (tow vehicle) tires pretty close to the water line.. My question is, can the trailer tongue be safely extended, so that the resulting length will be about 5 feet more ? I imagine this idea has been thought of before.. If material used is adequate thickness, and good solid quality welding is done on it.. My combination length (overall) should still be within legal limits.. Any helpful input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Thank You