View Full Version : Old trolling wiring help

06-19-2021, 03:51 PM
I have an old trolling motor (tracker 40) not sure what year but I would guess late 80's early 90. I have tried to do some research but it seems it is an odd duck. It has 2 wires coming into the pedal however it has 4 wires going to the motor itself. The unit has recently just quit, if I test with a multimeter it has 12v everywhere it should till I hit the pedal trigger and it drops to almost 0v like a dead short. I pulled the motor apart and there are 4 wires down there. When. I do any searching everyone references a 12-24v system but with only 12v in I feel they are confusing 4 wires I to the pedal, I dont have that.

Hoping I can just replace the motor or toubleshoot as my wife has her eye on a $3200 minn kota Wich sounds cool but I really like $200 better.

Ps. Pedal seems fine. Older cable drive system but nice and smooth, testing wiring with the motor disassembles seems good. Proper voltage on all speeds. Guessing it's windings.