View Full Version : Alternative to bow post for boat cover - beach umbrella to shade bow

08-08-2020, 05:29 PM

I wanted to share with anyone that might want to do the same thing:

I carry a beach umbrella in my 1982 16í tri hull boat for use on shore and I found that at times when stopped, I wanted to shade the bow for sitting on shaded from the sun while eating etc. but the umbrella pole didnít fit into anything handy.

Also at the same time I was looking to order a pole to lift my boat cover during winter storage for rain and snow shedding.

What I found fixed both concerns is I used a hole boring bit just a bit larger than the umbrella pole and in my drill bored a hole in the center floor of my bow floor.

The pole now passes through the hole about 12Ē to the bottom of the boat bow and is stable with little movement. There is one of the 8 life vest stuffed that far forward under the floor from the storage access but the pole goes right through the neck area of the vest. I only keep so many worn out vests on board just in case, because my boat is rated for up to 8 but never have that many is too crowded.

Now I can either:
place the umbrella in the hole and leave closed, to support my cover(the umbrella top is fairly flat instead of pointy) or open the umbrella while stopped when boating, or remove the umbrella and put in my side panels storage or use the umbrella on the lake shore.

Iíve attached a pic installed under the cover.

Take care