View Full Version : w/ the tang washer is a outer bearing washer required?

10-10-2019, 06:38 AM
I have two different spindles both 84

> #1. is old fashioned cotter pin and casle nut I know there is a washer ontop of the outside bearing.

> #2. is a tang type washer cotter pin combined.

> my ? is w/ the tang washer is a outer bearing washer required?

> if I remember correctly there is a washer that has a groove to slide over the spindel.so the both type spindles require outer spindle washers correct?
thanks TB

12-08-2021, 12:48 PM
yes even with the tang washer you need the outer bearing washer just like with a cotter pin. The tang washer simply takes the place of the cotter pin but the outer bearing washer is needed to keep the pre-load against the outer bearing.

12-08-2021, 01:21 PM
OK thank you yes outer bearing washer over bearing, then tang washer, outermost is the cashel nut. then the tang part is bent over the cashel nut.

this tang has the tab that bends over nut spit like the tab appears to be reusable once. like first time bend half the tab on the reuse bend the second part of tab.

personally I'm used to the cotter pin plus I ordered from amazon a bunch of pins. pins for prop. and for trailer.

I haven't been boating since thanksgiving of 019 going on three years. glad I fogged the engine cylinders however 018s short season the carbs felt a tad gummed.just run the carbs dry.

plus I ruined my current tow vehicle it got stuck in the back yard couple minutes of almost redlining her ruined the engine.been trying to sort out the tow vehicle issue.lots of bad new last couple years however I'm optimistic things are about to change for the better.

how bout you are you having all the fun on the water. TB