View Full Version : Timing on a '69 1000ss

08-14-2019, 09:42 PM
I've finally completed my fuel system overhaul (carb kits, fuel pump kits, all new fuel lines and brass fittings, new tank to engine line, bulb and couplers) and now before heading to the water to sync the carbs I'd like to just check the timing on this beast.
I've done quite a bit of reading, and found some fantastic info on this subject.. but nothing on my particular model (for timing anyway). I've read spinnerbaits general timing sticky probably 10 times (thank you sir!), and it seems like that's the way to go.

I guess my questions are this,

Safe to say mine has the old style "vanilla" crossflow carbs?


Is there anything I should know as far as spark advance timing and throttle pickup on my particular model (serial 2685637) that may not have been mentioned in spinnerbaits post?

I've got quite a bit of love for this engine, not to mention time and money. I really just want to do it right and not screw this up haha...

Thanks once again for your invaluable knowledge and this excellent forum. It really is a treasuretrove of information.