View Full Version : '95 Mariner 115 4 cyl 2 stroke... missing all speeds

07-30-2019, 11:59 AM
Hi all,

Starts right up. I've rebuilt the carbs, fuel pump, replaced the pedal reed valves, checked spark, checked plugs...

The good news is that I performed the above and the problem didn't get worse or change. I feel pretty sure that I did a good job on the above. I have not reset the idle screws on the two upper carbs since the rebuild but I don't think that will make much difference. Haven't messed with timing yet. The fuel filter is new on the pump side. I did not replace the one behind the oil tank. Accelerating from idle sees missing through all speeds. Could this be a vacuum leak?

If someone could point me to some things to check, I'm all over it! I have it open and I'm ready to work.

Thank you!!!


07-30-2019, 08:23 PM
Take a timing light and see if spark or timing is erratic when missing....