View Full Version : Electric Troller as a Backup

07-18-2019, 12:38 AM
Hi All,

I'm considering putting on an electric trolling motor as an emergency backup to get me to shore in the event that I get stranded. I have an 18' Starcraft Starchief (1964), with a 1983 90HP Johnson (about 300lbs), and the hull is rated for 7 adults (though I don't expect to have more than about 4 adults on the boat at any given time). I understand the general sentiment of "bigger is better" but would a 55lb or 62lb 12v thrust get me to shore in an emergency? I frequent the rivers that feed the upper Chesapeake around Baltimore and north of there (Back river, Middle river, Bear Creek, Hawk Cove). Winds and current can be non-trivial. I have two 80 amp-hour group 27 batteries on board. The other obvious option would be to get a 24v 80lb thrust trolling motor but ... what do you all think? Thanks in advance for the advice and perspectives.