View Full Version : Dad's old Motor guide mg 28 5sp trolling motor

04-23-2019, 01:47 PM
[Well hello to all trolling motor smart guys,
I'm in need of some knowledge. I have my Dad's old Motor guide, He is no longer here as of last year, so I can only tell you what I know and what is written on it,
"MG 28 weedless propulsion system ,28lbs thrust 5 speeds for Max. Boat control. Model number HT 28. Pat No.
On the prop motor housing it says Whisper Guide 28lb Max thrust with above Pat#" the prop reads Ninja rep. Prop# tt1 24-02, it has a name but part of it is gone,reads Doug Ha????..
1988.Brunswick. can't find any info anywhere , all 5 speeds work and still whisper runs quiet and smooth but reverse does not, even though the upper casing seems solid I'm scared to open it , the wear on it is more from age then use , except the first 5 yrs or so , I remember he knocked a rock with the original prop hence the repl. His old heavy Jon Boat was a little much plus he was a tall healthy retired Army man, but he loved that JB he bought for 50 dollars and it was at lst. 20 yrs old when he got it , I have it as well. Q is should I leave well enough alone since reverse isn't a must , we only use it now and again mainly for nighttime catfishing. Any Advice or thoughts, I mean if it does break where am I gonna find parts? Thanks a loving Daughter.