View Full Version : Honda NMEA 2000 Gauge fuel level problem

04-15-2019, 02:09 PM
We have been unable to get our fuel level to display correctly on our Honda NMEA digital gauge. I have been tearing my hair out trying to diagnose why we can see the fuel tank on our gauge but it will not display how much fuel is in the tank. Finally solved the problem last night. Honda makes two different fuel level adapter wires to display the information on the gauge. The key to the problem lies in the information below.

"NMEA 2000 Fuel Level Adapter Allows standard resistance type fuel sending units to interface with NMEA 2000 instrument through the NMEA backbone. Adapters come preconfigured for Tank 1 or Tank 2."

NMEA 2000 Fuel Level Adapter, Tank 1 06321-ZX2-001AH
NMEA 2000 Fuel Tank Adapter, Tank 2 06322-ZX2-001AH

Our boat only has one tank but the manufacturer installed the wiring for Tank 2. The wires look identical except for the slight difference in part numbers. As soon as I lied to the gauge and told it that we have two tanks and set the display to read tank 2 then suddenly we have a working gauge. Hope this can be helpful to someone else in the future.