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01-18-2019, 01:51 PM
Got a WELL used motor for cheap the other day and have been trying to clean and get it started. I don't have any paper work on it so I'm doing the best I can. First, there's NO SPARK but this may be because it came with NO KEYS. Can someone tell me which keys I will need and what each component does?
The one on the far left can I just (for now) splice a wire into the two slots to complete the circuit? The next one has a spring loaded button that I'm assuming has to be held down while starting so needs a locking key for that??
Also, the kill button on the END OF the TILLER handle seems stuck. Can I just back track those wires and unplug them for now so it's not killing the engine?
Is there a OHM reading for the coils so I can check to see if they are good?
I am looking for a repair/owners manual. Thanks

01-20-2019, 04:31 AM
white is + & brown is the + for the solenoid its already connected to earth joined will turn your starter mtr over leave the kill switch wires where they are if you need to stop it.

02-04-2019, 03:31 PM
Got it. Thanks

02-06-2019, 12:20 PM
Actually, there's more:

Ok, I have read other posts regarding the 9.9 water pump issues. My (bought used) 1988 9.9 starts and runs but shuts down quickly and I notice there is no STREAM OF WATER coming out of the PEE hole. There is some slight spitting of drops but NO stream of water. My other small outboards i.e. evinrude/mercury does have a STRONG stream of water showing when running.
I checked and verified the impellor, cleaned out the pee hole and I made sure the water line in the bucket is WAY over the pump. One thing though. I stuck a .06 dia brass rod up thru the water tube to see if could feel the rubber grommet at the top or a solid wall. I really can’t determine if the grommet has failed or blocked the passage. Also, I held a rubber tipped airgun to the end of the pee hole and shot some air thru it and noticed air coming out of the exhaust. Then I held my thumb over the exhaust hole and noticed air coming out of the bottom at the prop. Shouldn’t there be a strong STREAM of water on these motors?
Now I’m wondering did I buy this used motor from the same guy that had the other post and maybe he did not want to fix it? Good thing I did not pay much for it. I will remove the power head and repair if needed. Any suggestions? Anything to watch out for?

02-25-2019, 01:29 PM
New, info. Had to remove the head and found all the cavities clogged with corrosion. Even the anode was shot. Cleaned everything, sanded the anode to silver and reassembled. Note, there are two small holes on the lh side going into the exhaust that was clogged and very hard to see. This motor was not in salt water but probably was sitting on a boat and never removed. Anyway, everything back together and can start with choke (with good pee stream) but does not stay running. Idle speed seems too high. Is there a good place to start to correct idle? As well, did not check the REEDS. Could this be corroded as well? (I did not remove the power head)