View Full Version : Df6 stalling

11-02-2018, 05:11 PM
I've got a 2007 4 stroke 6hp Suzuki that's acting up. Won't run up through there rev range very well. The engine is in pretty good condition overall. I thought it might be a gummed fuel system so I stripped the carb and everything down, including the tank and hoses, and soaked them in seafoam for 24 hours. She starts up great. She'll run forever at idle. She'll run at high revs. I have to coax her with the throttle to get between them though. Doesn't want to accelerate much at all, and revs are slow to drop off at the lower range.

Still the jets? Sticking float? Any ideas? And is the timing on this engine fixed? It says 3deg BTDC on the case, but I see no method of adjustment.