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Dan Stephens
08-17-2002, 05:55 PM
I have a 350 chevy engine in my 28' pace maker. the engine had just been rebuilt. i am having problems getting the distributer back in the right position at TDC i can't find any marks on the distributer or the intake that will tell me that i am in the right position i have set the motor on top dead center on the compression stroke and started my wires at the point for which the rotor is pointing at and i still can't get the motor to start. it tries but it back fires some times through the exhaust andf some times through the carburator. I am at a loss here i have been doing this for years and i have never had this much trouble. I think i might go to a new distributer next. The motor runs on an 80's model HEI ignition with the coil mounted on the top of the distributer. If any one can help wake me up and tell me what i might be doing wrong it sure would be greatly appreciated. I also reversed the distributer 180 degrees but that only made things worse. i sure hope that i am not 1 or 2 teeth out. Thanks for responding to my question about crank shafts. i feel better now knowing that i shouldn't have a problem with the one i have. Look forward to hereing from someone soon.

08-18-2002, 10:11 AM
"Dan, to quote you:

"The motor runs on an 80's model HEI ignition with the coil mounted on the top of the distributer."

If by this you mean the engine runs properly after replacing the marine distributor with the HEI, it would seem to eliminate incorrect wiring or a cam that's out of phase. If your marine distributor is new, I'd retrace the steps and make sure your firing order is correct. Turn the engine through two complete revolutions and follow the rotor through the firing order if you're still not sure.

If the marine distributor is old or rebuilt it may be at fault, but that's fairly rare. Backfirng behavior as you describe usually means incorrect firing order or a cam that's out of phase (timing marks aren't lined up correctly).