View Full Version : Motor guide friend.

04-22-2018, 07:21 PM
So I just wanna learn what went wrong so I can avoid it happening again.
Went out and used the trolling motor for the 4th time since buying the boat.
Operated as usual. Except this time I tried the fastest speed "5". Tried it for about 15 seconds. Then went about fishing. Next time I tried to use the trolling motor it wouldn't run at all.

Got home later started looking everything over and found no faults in the wiring to the battery.

Looked inside the top part "control unit" portion. Of the trolling motor and all the wires were melted badly.

Stared disassembling the lower unit and it was a disaster. Everything is completely fried in there. Everything is covered in goopy smokey mess. All wires are meted bare. The motor is unsalvageable.

So now I've read that there should have been a breaker to help save the motor and I will do that. But I'd love to understand what happened to my motor.