View Full Version : What brand of trolling motor to purchase?

12-07-2017, 12:34 PM
I have a need to replace my old Motor Guide bow mounted trolling motor, ('94 model, no parts available). I have been researching all the brands that are available on the Internet, (Minn-Kota, Motor Guide, Haswing, & Watersnake). I have also read a lot of user reviews on all these products and have found that there have been negative comments with all of them. I have ruled out Watersnake because they are imported from Australia and they currently do not have any US based dealers or warranty support. Haswing is manufactured in China and also does not have much of a US based support. There are only two sellers that I have found for Haswing and if you need warranty service they will send you a replacement part with instructions for a DIY repair. However, I am not sure where MotorGuide and Minn-Kota are manufactured presently. I am looking for a bow mounted, foot controlled, 45-55 lbs. thrust, 48" shaft, fresh water model expecting to pay at least $500. Don't need any bells and whistles. Any opinions would be appreciated.

12-08-2017, 03:23 PM
down here, I'd say motorguide is 2:1 favorite....and I'd suspect its due to the mercury outboard on the back.

Both are established names with "support" - if you don't need any bells or whistles, I'd shop on price...many times, you can get 'lightly used' ones at a bargain when somebody upgrades....but they usually dont have an warranty.....

12-08-2017, 10:29 PM
Thanks for the response. I think you are right about the reason for the MotorGuide being paired with the Merc outboards. I did notice that there is a common complaint about the Motorguide foot control only being 48" long, I measured mine and it was 54". This is the problem today in the USA, being brand loyal doesn't get you much anymore. I may try to repair mine if I can find the parts. It has a squeak in the motor housing. I have had it apart and polished the shaft and replaced one of bronze bearings. It was OK for a while but is starting to squeal again.

12-10-2017, 06:20 PM
did you check the shaft to make sure it was true?? if not, changing the bronze wont last long....

12-10-2017, 07:11 PM
Yes, I checked for the shaft being straight, there is no run-out. I noticed today that if you loosen both the motor retaining bolts and then retighten slowly that that there is an apparent bind just before both bolts are tight. If I back off one bolt 1/2 turn then it runs quiet. I may just loosen both and add silicone RTV seal and then tighten to this condition to see if it is acceptable. Since this is a 94' model Motor Guide, I took your advice today and ordered a new one from Bass Pro Shops on line this p.m. Thanks for your support.