View Full Version : '99 motorguide brute 67

07-19-2016, 09:48 AM
I have a '99 brute 67# tiller trolling motor.......lost power..........it has a control box with 2 foot switches (look like high beam foot switches from the 60's). Can I bypass the foot control and just apply 12V power somewhere directly on the motor? If so, where? (To test to see if the motor is good)
then if motor is good, can I rework this to a newer foot control or is there more to it than that? OR can I still get those switches? (Could they be bad)
thanks for your guidance!

07-19-2016, 03:46 PM
do you have a multi meter and know how to use it?i would test the switches both for continuity and voltage output before I started throwing parts at it...

motor guide used to wrap the micro swirches in a heavy clear plastic looking material to keep out moisture...they wrapped the whole switch including the operating plunger..this stuff wears through on top of the operating plunger..then the switch don't get the travel needed to operate it...unfortunately the switch mounting screws are a tight fit and don't give room for any adjustment ...you can leave everything hooked up normally and operate the removed switch by fingers and see if they work..

usually a little engineering with a piece if dowell can fix the problem once you see how the whole thing works..