View Full Version : how does motorguide 70b 24v cable connect with the steering Rack gear?

04-08-2016, 09:54 AM
how does motorguide 70b 24v cable connect with the steering Rack gear? I think mine is broken, please HELP!
Motorguide pro series 70 pounds thrust (foot controlled) - 24 volts
Serial # 95010270 with 52" shaft - a big motor
foot control model # - MLP300652

I bought it used and found out too much spin in the motor when in water. I opened it up and noticed the cable and the steering Rack gear is separated. I tried to stick it back but I think there should be something to lock the cable with the steering rack gear. It may be broken by previous owner because the stainless steel shaft was bent badly. Maybe it broke the cable from the steering rack gear.

Is there a set screw to hold the 2 pieces together? Thanks

I cannot see the connection from the picture below.


04-08-2016, 11:18 AM
FIXED by driving a 1" drywall screw to hold the cable with the steering rack gear. Let's see if the TM will go crazy again. This should stop the cable from coming loose and prevent the lower shaft and prop from spinning on its own will. REDNECK WAY! YES!! Saved $600 for a brand new 70lbs TM. I am just going to use angle grinder to cut off the screw head so that the screw is flush with the steering rack. Hope this help those who have the same problem with motorguide TM!13066

04-10-2016, 07:53 AM
13071just added a video to help other fishermen who have the same problem to catch more fishhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pT17w11iEZw
mortorguide pro series 70 lbs push 24 volts steering cable disconnect from the steering rack - FIXED (1 of 3) - slideshow click here (9m13s)
This early version of the motorguide trolling motor was designed very poorly. The steering cable can separate from the steering rack very easily. I found my 70 lbs big trolling motor went totally crazy and spinning on its own. My foot control pedal was useless and I was hopeless when fishing on the water in the current. So, I cracked open the powerhead of the motor and found the cable was disconnected from the rack, so the left and right movement was not able to transfer back to the pedal and vice versa. I fixed it the redneck way, but at least it will stay connected forever. I drove a 1" drywall screw while the stainless cable is inserted into the rack. So, the drywall screw will pinch the cable inside the rack. I will use an angle cutter to cut off the tiny screw tip protruding out of the rack and the screw head outside the rack so the rack is flush in its housing. Voila, I have a working trolling motor once again. Subscribe for detail videos to see how I fixed it. I bought this used and powerful trolling motor through craigslist. It came with 2 problems. The cable was disconnected from the rack, and 1 of the 4 speed pins in the switch assembly rotary broken off, so I don't have the top speed or the momentary speed or both. I am not sure about the latter problem, and am in the process of either fixing it or buying a new part. SWITCH ASSEMBLY, Rotary. Part# MHF15001T