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09-22-2014, 03:05 AM

I have acquired two Tomos's but there are issues with both. One is a 4hp, and it simply won't start - have cleaned the carb and whole fuel system several times, and I know fuel gets though to the carb, and the jets are clean as a whistle - compression is good, and spark is strong. So not sure why it won't start. The other is a 4.8 - which starts, but the gear linkage is wrecked - acquired it like that. But this one needs some choke all the time to run - carb is clean - so I think its a mixture issue - without the choke, the engine races and dies - so the mixture is too lean. Not sure how to adjust?

Some parts (like the carb) are identical between the two engines - question is, can I make one engine from the two? Will the 4.8 engine, which starts, attach to the leg of the 4hp, which would make it a direct drive engine?

Any parts diagrams etc would be most gratefully received, along with any advice on either or both of the engines