View Full Version : Bukh DV10 in canal narrowboat in England

Tullynessle Turnip
07-20-2014, 02:53 PM
Sunday 20th July 2014

Hi boaty folk!

We have just bought a narrowboat for the canals of England. It has a Bukh (Danish firm) DV10ME one cylinder engine. I have 3 manuals for this (owner's, workshop & repair) but they all seem badly written and somewhat vague. For instance, there's nothing on how to change the gearbox oil - I mean, is there a nut under the gearbox for drainage and a nut on top for filling it? We are not where the boat is at the moment, so can't examine the engine closely.
And it seems that the gearbox uses the same oil 10-40W as the engine? (in cars, gearboxes use much thicker hypoid oils).

I was wondering if there's anyone here who might have a Bukh DV10 and be able to advise, or someone who knows about these engines anyway. There is very little info on the Internet (I have been looking).

I know that a company called TW Marine near Manchester deal with Bukhs, and I have indeed sent a letter to them by snail mail (they don't like to tell you their e-mail on their website). One thing I asked for is a list of mechanics in England who can help with repairs & servicing - does anyone here know of competent mechanics who have had experience with the Bukh DV10?

Thanking ye...