View Full Version : Hull Poslishing

Donald Boyer
07-05-2014, 11:46 PM

I have a 17 foot Fibreglass Cabin Boat. The tops sides of the hull are regularly polished, however, the underside has never been. It is still in excellent condition.

The boat is stored on a trailer, and almost always used in fresh water. There is no growth or anything like that.

What process should I use to get this cleaned up? Does it just need a good cutting compound?

07-06-2014, 11:04 AM
I'm assuming that the fiberglass is coated with gelcoat, which makes it smooth and easy to polish. If so, any NON_ABRASIVE cleaner will likely work. Best to use a cleaner specifically made to clean and polish gelcoat. Then a good wax job on the whole thing.

I've had very good results from the Star Brite Hull Cleaner and the Star Brite wax with PTEF. The PTEF is some type of polymer that does a great job and leaves a very slick finish. Once you have done the first coat with the PTEF, wait about two or three weeks and do a second coat and it will last an entire season.