View Full Version : Firestone 3.6 HP--What do I really have here?

06-25-2014, 08:57 AM

The photos are of what I'm working on .
On the lower housing is stamped with the no's E463 54317
On the top and underside of the magneto is stamped Model No 61-M
On the magneto underside is stamped Serial No 47 A. This does not fit the way I have read these things are given serial no's.

I have gone through almost all of the motor and should be ready for a test run this next weekend. Can anyone give me tune up specs? (point gap, carb. settings?)
I'm puzzled on how to set the small needle valve with the dial face on the front of the engine. I have lightly set the needle valve on it's seat and then set the adjusting knob to it's lowest number setting.
What is the proper oil-gasoline mix for this motor, or what would you recommend I use?
Thanks for your help.

06-30-2014, 10:22 AM
Well, as a status report, I still don't know what I have here, but ran it for about 6 hrs at the local fair in a 55 gallon barrel. After a couple of hours the bugs had worked themselves out and the motor was running well at both full speed and a dead slow idle. I started with about a 16:1 fuel/oil mix which was probably what was original spec. then went town to about 20:1 and it seemed to run a little better. Guessed at the point setting of 0.020" and that seems to be good. Still using the old spark plug; think I'll try a new one next.
Can anyone out there recommend a better gas-oil mix ratio? Any ideas on the serial No thing?