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06-05-2013, 08:49 AM
I have a Bertram 46 (1996) with 2 Detroit diesels. My mechanic says the computer needs repair?change. How do I go about doing that? Can it be repaired/reprogramed. Who does that. Where would I buy a new one It is for the port engine. What prompted this was an alarm with a "code 53". (don't know anything about diesel engines..OBVIOUSLY

06-06-2013, 09:51 PM
code 53 ecm has a failure in its intrnal circuitry used to process the trs singnals, need to replace the ecm.
find a ddec engine dealer in phone book.

06-07-2013, 06:29 AM
Has your tech simply tried to erase the code and see if it returns? Are you having operating issues that you are associating to this code?

If erasing the code only to have it return along with associated operating issues, you are probably going to need some help on this one for sure. My DDEC II manual lists code 53 as:

EEPROM (electornically erasable programmable read only memory) FAILURE AFFECTING CODE LOGGING

Pretty short "trouble tree" on this one. It says either try reprogramming the EEPROM or replace the ECM.

I don't remember if this code applied to DDEC I or if it even had EEPROM But, if yours IS a DDEC I system then there will be a "prom access cover". DDEC II does all programming via the reader tool or uplink connectors so there is no access provided without disassembling the housing. I've never done that so I have no experience to draw on to advise you as to how to go about doing it. My first instinct is to say don't even try it.

But, if you have DDEC I there is the access for the prom and you may want to simply pull the cover and have a look. I do remember getting prom updates and pulling them out and putting new ones in back in the day.
CAUTION! If you decide to go mucking about in there, make damn sure that you wear a grounding wrist strap or take RELIABLE grounding precautions so as not to ZAP anything else and cause yourself more headaches.

With access, you can look to see if vibration has caused it to possibly work loose in it's socket. Reseating it and then clearing the code and operating the engine will tell you if you need to go any further. If you decide to try this, BE REAL CAREFUL! These are very delicate little IC chips with VERY small "legs" that are easily bent or broken.

There are a few companies that rebuild these but, at the moment, I could not tell you where to take it other than to an authorized Detroit Diesel concern. They could do any required reprogramming but would likely send it out to one of the rebuild businesses if that doesn't fly. I'll ask around and see if I can come up with anything from my tech network that I can pass on to you. Might take a few days though.

Good luck with it