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07-28-2012, 04:07 PM
I'm shopping for a Marine Radio, I will be using my 20 foot fiberglass cuddy on lakes only and doubt i will be venturing out into the ocean, maybe someday into inter-coastal waterways maybe.
Anyways, since i never had a Marine Radio before i could use some advise. I understand the FCC and coast guard are recommending DSC with GPS radios so rescuers can find boats in distress
quickly, my 1st question is " Are these newer radios mandatory " ? I see alot of older style radios for sale on ebay that do not have the DSC. Will it be a waste of my money and time buying and installing an older radio only to find out I can't use it ? Any advise concerning the issue and FCC and Coast Guard regulations is welcome.. Thank You


07-29-2012, 10:04 AM
Yep all new VHF must have DSC. Don't waste money on used. You can get very good VHF from west marine for about $120. I believe the West Marine brand is made by ICOM.

07-29-2012, 09:04 PM
Thanks CHawk ;) ,