View Full Version : Correct method of reading gearbox oil level

12-08-2006, 04:09 AM
I get widely varying readings off the dip stick depending on if the filler plug is in or out. Please could someone advise me of the correct method for measuring the quantity of the gearbox oil. Could someone also confirm that the correct quantity is 1.1 L. Thanks!

03-26-2007, 06:32 AM
"I change the gear box oil on my Bukh 20 using a 50 mL syringe with pvc tubing down the gear box dipstick tube. My gear box capacity is 350 mL, not 1.1 L (although my manual says 1.1 L). I read the level when the dipstick is screwed home and I take time to let the dipstick tube level equilibrate with the gearbox. I have seen reported that it is important to use standard SAE 30 oil, not a multigrade, as additives in multigrades may cause corrosion of bronze bearings. Someone else might be able to let us know whether this is true or a furphy."

11-17-2008, 11:26 AM
"Reference the use of an SAE 30 engine oil in a gearbox. The gearbox on you Bukh is manufactured by ZF & incorparates synchromesh rings. If you use a multigrade oil, this includes a VI Improver(viscosity index improver) ZF suggest it will put a glaze on the synchrodes. Mono Grades oils (ie SAE 30) are not easily available, however you can
purchase an SAE 30 Engine OIl from a lawn mower supplier, or if in the UK available from a B & Q store. I use an SAE 30 in my gearbox, however I know people who use a multigrade oil in Buk/ZF boxes with out problems, -- so far !!!

Regards Roger Harvey
Lubricants Spe******t, Castrol Oils"