View Full Version : Lounge seat: seat base carpet edge trim?

06-26-2012, 04:12 PM
I just got new seats built and installed in my 1972 boat as well as new carpet. The seat bases are all covered with the same carpet used on the floor. For some reason, they did not wrap the carpet around the bottoms of the seat bases of the rear lounge seats. These seats raise up so you can lay the entire lounge seat down flat as well as be able to access the space under the seats themselves for storing things. I would like to add some sort of edge protector to seal the bottom of the seat base carpet. I have thought about using some heavy duty vinyl corner guard and some other things. Any suggestions?

Here is a pic that shows the area I want to install the edge protection. It would be installed along the bottom of the seat base, not on the floor.


In addition to where the arrows are pointing, it would also be installed on the rear (left) bottom and opposite side of the seat base.

Here is a pic of what the bottoms of those seat bases look like and give an indication of why I want to protect the edge: