12-03-2006, 12:10 AM
"I have a twin inboard gas cruiser over 45 years old (cash donations accepted) and recently have found it neccessary to replace the exhaust piping and mufflers from the (fresh water cooled)collector flanges to the (above the water line) transom exits. Limted space and the prohibitive cost of fabrication of new items in the same dimensions as the existing have made this a challenge. The only thing that I think will work due to its 12" overall length is a muffler refered to as a "DAPARS". I was hoping someone would have some experience with these or at least more info than I can find on the net, basically crude spec's. They would need to be mounted on a 30 to 35 deg. angle and be within 1 1/2' of the collector flange and raw water inlet. BTW the engines are big block chrysler 440's and I'm hoping to keep the db level down. Could increasing the flow (changing the pulley diameter) through the exchangers and into the inlet side of these mufflers help keep the volume down? (no thermostats on the engines either... o'brother.....) Any input appreciated - Mike"

12-03-2006, 06:32 AM
"Are you sure there's no thermostats? Had to believe it came from the factory that way.

Suggest you look at those fiberglass mufflers being sold on various websites. They come in various sizes, hopefully one htat will fit.

These mufflers are quiet unless the water flow STOPS, and if that happens....