View Full Version : dv10 overspeed

08-16-2011, 04:00 PM
Hi Guys<br><br>This is my first post so hello one and all, I have recently bought an old macwester 26' which has a bukh dv10 ,in a very sorry state engine + gear box full of seawater, judging by the rest of the tools in the lockers the water had been in the boat for a long time, I removed the engine and gearbox from the boat to my workshop, stripped pipes and parts from the casing drained the sludge out of the sump inspected the bottom end for rust and it looked ok, rebuilt it and ran it up, after the flywheel came off a couple of times I started to get nervous but thats another story, put the engine back in the boat connected the shaft and ran the engine again 'fine' for about ten fifteen minutes then a strange grinding noise and off she went; into overspeed, could this be a mechanical failure with centrifugal governer ?, I removed the fuel pump and that appears to be ok I hoped it was going to be a stuck shuttle .<br>Here's the rub if it is the CG has anyone got an exploded drawing sketch or picture of this device? or am I barking up the wrong tree? I love the engine and I dont want to screw it up fumbling about.<br>would really appreciate a bit of feedback on this thanks