View Full Version : 2000 DF40 Shift rod/cam issue

Rick Flatt
07-05-2011, 09:06 PM
My df 40 4 stroke recently stopped shifting into forward or reverse, after removing the lower end the top plate of the unit I found the problem the shift cam at the base of the shift or clutch rod had snapped in two. It snapped just below the middle notch on the back side of the cam. Now the broken portion is still jammed between the spring loaded ball bearing and the linkage in the pinion gear( or whatever its called) but I am unable to remove the piece mainly due to lack of access because its at the base of the foot in a 1/2" hole. Do I need to remove the propeller shaft assy to reinstall a new cam if I am able to remove it or do I need to remove the assy anyways. Any info on this would be appreciated.