View Full Version : Yanmar 2GM Engine cuts out every 20 minutes

06-28-2011, 09:38 AM
2 years ago I steamed cleaned my tank-replaced the fuel lines-replace filters-tightened all fittings-put in new fuel and it ran like a charm-last year after filling up at a marina-it started running rough-I replaced both filters-now it stalls every 20 minutes-I bleed lines-it starts and stalls again after 20-30 minutes. Does anyone have an idea on what I can do and what is happening?

06-28-2011, 11:43 PM
Disconnect the return and let it run into a canister.
If air-bubbles occur, you have a leak.
If return disappears, you have a suction problem.
Double check the fuel pick-up in tank and see if the screen mesh is blocked.