View Full Version : Please help DT 30 Old impellor rubber lodged in tell tale valley

05-27-2011, 11:25 AM
I have a 1983 DT30 2 cylinder, Water pump is pumping very good amount of water,
but i do often get blocked tell tale.

Im pretty sure there is a small piece of old impellor in the valley between head and tell tale outlet.
I did have a impellor break up into bits a while back, and the engine runs real good and very strong
for its size.

When i poke a stiff piece of wire up the tell tale hole i get a good stream of water comming out.
The stream can last an hour or 5 minutes, but as soon as i poke it agin i get good water stream.

What i want to know is how can i get the old piece of impellor out of this valley ?
is it in the bottom of the head ? or is it in the water jacket of the engine ?

If i take the cylinder head off can i get to the valley of tell tale or is this going to be a
complete power head off job ? (dont realy want to go this far)

or is there a chemical that i could use to break up the rubber that will not harm the engine ?

any advice would be real good


05-31-2011, 03:52 AM
i have same trouble with dt55.
any help would be appreciated.